When I went to Australia last year, I read on a travel forum that an Australia visa can be used to enter Taiwan, but it needs to be valid and unused.

Once used, and you already returned to the Philippines, you can no longer use it to enter Taiwan.

So, I did a little research on this. I learned that Philippine passport holders could enter Taiwan visa-free, if you meet the following qualifications:

1. You must have a valid visa or permanent resident certificate issued by USA, Canada, Japan, UK, Australia, New Zealand, or Schengen Convention countries.

2. You have never been employed as a blue-collar worker in Taiwan.

You will need to register at the website (https://niaspeedy.immigration.gov.tw/nia_southeast/). After completion, a travel certificate will be issued. Make sure you print it immediately or save it as pdf file in your computer. You must present the travel certificate to the immigration officer upon arrival in Taiwan airport to immigration.

photo1 (8)
Travel Certificate

It is also stated on Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office in the PhilippinesΒ that a single-entry visa becomes invalid once it has already been used. However, a single-entry visa might be acceptable for the purpose of immigration inspection to enter Taiwan if it meets the following conditions:

A. On the same continuing journey, the visa holder uses it to enter the visa issuing country prior to his/her arrival in Taiwan;

B. The visa holder will arrive in Taiwan before its expiration date.

The route I planned was PHL-KOR-JPN-TWN-PHL, and I only had a single entry Japan visa that time. Although it is clear to me that even if you have a single entry visa, it is still accepted as long as it is a continuing journey, and the visa is till within the validity date, I still verified the information to Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office in Manila.

I told them that I only have a single entry Japan visa and my route will be JPN then TWN and asked if that would be an issue. The lady I talked to said it is okay, as long as it is on a continuing journey, and that my visa has not expired yet.

If you have a multiple entry visa from the item 1 above, then you won’t need to worry about the one I encountered during my 3 Countries using 1 Visa travel.

Also, you do not need to go to Japan or other countries stated in item 1 above before going to Taiwan. If you have a valid visa from those countries, you can just print a travel certificate then go to Taiwan.

So to my readers who were asking me about their planned route of PHL-TWN-PHL, and hold a multiple entry Japan visa, or even a single entry Japan visa but still unused and still within the validity date, the answer is yes. You can definitely enter Taiwan using your valid visas.








17 thoughts on “Travel Tip: Taiwan Visa-free

  1. Hello, thanks for this post. Does this mean we can apply for Japan visa in lieu of Taiwan visa when travelling to Taiwan? That’s what we plan to do sana e kasi Japan visa is cheaper, and as they say, better chance of getting approved. You think there won’t be any problems with that? Appreciate your feedback! πŸ™‚


      1. Hi, Yes MNL-TWN-JPN-MNL is okay route. You can use your Japan visa to get a Taiwan travel certificate using your Japan visa.
        Follow the steps on the blog post on how to print the travel certificate. Thanks


      2. Good morning. I am currently staying in Korea and my visa will expire in Feb. I would like to visit Taiwan for 3 days before going back to the Ph. Can I go there without applying for visa?


  2. “When I went to Australia last year, I read on a travel forum that an Australia visa can be used to enter Taiwan, but it needs to be valid and unused.

    Once used, and you already returned to the Philippines, you can no longer use it to enter Taiwan.”

    What did you mean by once used? When you have used your Australian visa you can’t apply to Taiwan anymore? Or once you were given Taiwan visa and you’ve returned to Phils with AU visa still unused you CANNOT use it anymore to reapply?

    I plan to go Taiwan this Oct and Nov. on separate occasions with my AU visa to be used in Dec. How many entries to I have to Taiwan before I use up my AU visa? I read somewhere that you’ll have 90 day multiple entry privilege and can stay no more than 30 days. Is this still valid even on a single entry visa to Australia?


    1. Hi Zee. Used means already shown to Au immigration. For your case, you can use your Au visa to get a travel certificate to Taiwan (Oct and Nov) since you intend to use your visa to Au on December.


  3. Thanks for this very helpful post. We plan to use our single entry unused japan visa as well to enter taiwan then go back to PH.


  4. Hi. What if my route is Cebu- Taiwan – Japan – Manila? Can I enter Japan if I use my Japan visa firsy to enter Taiwan but I have onward ticket to Japan?


  5. Hi. I got one question. It says on the certificate that the duration of stay is 30 days following the date of arrival. Does that mean I can enter Taiwan on the last day of my multiple entry visa and be allowed to stay for the next 30 days?


  6. Hi. I have a Japan Visa and just want to ask what number should I input in the “Special Requirements” section of the Travel Authorization Certificate form to Taiwan? Is it the Issue No.? or the number on the upper right corner of the Visa? Thank you! πŸ™‚


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